About Us

WHO are WE?
RouxArt is Kate Garcia Rouh, a life long Artist and Art Educator in Duval County and her husband Kenny Rouh, retired from  27 years as a marine transportation executive with Crowley Maritime in Jacksonville, FL.
Beginning in 2010 when Kate constructed a commemorative mosaic to honor the 100th Birthday of West Riverside Elementary School in Jacksonville, mosaic art has become her passion. With a grant from The Community Foundation in 2012, Kate covered the interior and floor surfaces of the gazebo at the City of Jacksonville’s Yacht Basin Park at 2940 St. Johns Avenue in Avondale.
At Jacksonville’s 2013 One Spark festival we launched – Community Mosaic – our concept to involve the Public in the creation, planning and construction of mosaic art in Downtown Jacksonville. Continuing at One Spark in 2014 and 2015, RouxArt has now produced two large mosaic murals in the Spark District, in which the public has assisted: “Main Street Park Walls” and “Flight of the Butterfly” in Hemming Park.

Opening our studio on Edgewood Avenue South in Murray Hill in 2014, we continue to develop art that transforms the public spaces of Jacksonville.
FACTs about US
Kate Rouh and RouxArt have now produced thirteen large scale Mosaic tile projects, ranging in size from 15 to 450 square feet.
Our signature piece was completed in June 2015, for the City of Jacksonville Art in Public Places. Dedicated as their 67th piece of Public Art, “Mirrored River: Where Do You See Yourself”, is a mosaic mural 7 ft x 64 ft along the city’s South Bank Riverwalk, produced by RouxArt, Inc.

With the support of the Murray Hill Preservation Association, RouxArt began an initiative to transform exterior walls of businesses along Edgewood Avenue South in the Murray Hill section of Jacksonville. Mosaic creations “Tooth Fairies of Murray Hill” and “Community Loaves Wheat Mosaic” have been completed. Our goal is to develop Murray Hill into an “Art Destination” in Jacksonville.

Kate was an early artist and singer, very comfortable in the artistic culture. As she matured, she continued to produce and expand her artistic interests to include sewing, stage backdrops, wall murals, weaving, floor cloths, historic building portraits, mixed media inspired by Renaissance Masters and tile mosaics.
Fostering collaboration among groups is Kate’s forte. She was instrumental in developing that skill as an inaugural member of the 2012 Ortega Museum Magnet school faculty in the Duval County Public School system. As an accomplished teacher, Kate believes foremost that successful art instruction should make a connection, producing a meaningful response in the student

Kate holds a B.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Florida. Kenny holds a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Delaware. Kenny held numerous managerial positions in operations and commerce for over thirty years in the Marine transportation business and now manages all business aspects of RouxArt, Inc.